“Espirito del Juego” Award

The “Espirito del Juego” Award was donated to the Golden Heart Shootist Society by Avenging Angel.  The award is presented to a deserving individual or couple that best embodied the Spirit of the Game throughout the year.

Congratulations to the following recipients of this award throughout the years:

2017/2018       Sweet Caroline

2016/2017       Alaskan Lady Lu

2015/2016      Sally Alaska

2014/2015      Two Thumbs Becky

2013/2014      Lead Monger and Pokin A. Long

2011/2012      Smithy Jim

2010/2011      Salcha Slinger

2009/2010      Pedro DeBorealis

2008/2009      Wind Drifter

2007/2008      Nice Harry

2006/2007      Kanuti River Wrangler

2005/2006      Poco Loco Louie and Valencia Rose

2004/2005      Wind Drifter

2003/2004      Berry Woman

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