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                                   SPIRIT OF THE GAME

A “Spirit of the Game” infraction occurs when a competitor willfully or intentionally disregards the stage instructions in order to obtain a competitive advantage (i.e., taking the penalty would result in a lower score or faster time than following the instructions) and is not assessed simply because a competitor “makes a mistake.”. In such a case, in addition to any penalties for misses a 30-second failure to engage/Spirit of the Game penalty is assessed.  Shooting ammunition that does not meet the power factor or minimum velocity is also a “spirit of the game” infraction.  Two “spirit of the game” penalties within a match will result in a Match Disqualification. (SASS Shooter’s Handbook version 20.2, April 2015)

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(page created August 12, 2015)

(a complete copy of the SASS Shooter’s Handbook can be found at www.sassnet.com)

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