The Application for the Golden Heart Shootist Society State Champion Shoot  is now available! Send yours in right away for the exciting 12 stage main match based  on “Memorable Moments with John Wayne, The Duke”.


SHOOT SCHEDULE 2017 prelim[840]


The Range Boss, Diamond Mac has scheduled three side matches  at the State shoot, they are:

The Plainsman:  This side match will be divided into two categories:  (1) Traditional and (2) Modern.  In the Traditional category,  you will need two 36 caliber or larger Frontiersman Category style percussion revolvers, shot Duelist Style; a SASS legal single-shot rifle firing a traditional black powder rifle or revolver caliber cartridge (e.g., not a .30-30).  The rifle may have spring actuated ejectors if they are standard for that rifle. .38 Special is legal.  You must use a side by side or single shot shotgun, with or without exposed hammers, or a lever action shotgun.  You must use black wder in all loads (Rifle, revolver and shotgun).  In the Modern category,   you may use ANY SASS legal rifle, pistol or shotgun with smokeless loads.  For planning purposes the round count for the Traditional match is: Rifle 7, Pistols 20, shotgun 10 +.  For the Modern Plainsman side match the round count is: Rifle 22, Pistol 20 and Shotgun 10+.

Derringer:  A Derringer is defined as an external hammer, fixed sight, breech loading or percussion ignition, small frame pre-1900 design firearm having one to four barrels up to three and one-half inches long.  For this side match, Derringer’s must be .32 caliber or larger.  The Remington style or over/under barrel configuration and the Sharps four-barreled Pepperbox are typical of SASS-legal Derringers. Round count – 10.

For this side match .22 Caliber ammunition will not be allowed.

Last Shooter Standing: For this match, you will be using your main match rifle, pistol and shotgun. It is recommended that you bring 50+ rounds for each firearm – you will be using one pistol and one rifle.


Accommodations are available on site at the Chatanika Gold Camp (Marlene – 907-457-5872), within walking distance of the range, as well as at the Chatanika Lodge (907-389-2164), a little over half a mile away.  Both offer guest rooms with a shared bathroom.   While breakfast will not be available at the Gold Camp or Lodge, food, including coffee and tea, will be available on the range.  Nightly charge for the Gold Camp is $75, most have queen beds, a few with twins and one 2-room suite with 2 twins and 1 queen for $100/night.  The nightly charge for Chatanika Lodge is $70. 

Traditional hotels within approximately 40 minutes of the Gold Camp include Holiday Inn Express (907-328-1100) and Hampton Inn (907-451-1503).  Both of these offer complimentary breakfast.