NOTE: Due to uncertainty in the federal budget, GHSS use of the Air Curtain Range is not yet certain. Call a club official before any scheduled Air Curtain event to ensure it is still happening.

Access to the Air Curtain Range does not require entering Ft. Wainwright. The Small Arms Range Complex is outside of post.

From Fairbanks, drive east on the Richardson Highway, AK-2. Take the Badger Road exit. Near the end of the ramp, turn right onto Frontage Road. Follow Frontage Road approximately 200 feet and turn right onto Range Road.  Follow Range Road approximately 3 miles. Watch for changing speed limits – the limits change from 35 mph on the beginning of the road to 10 mph through the Range Control Complex. Watch for the 15 foot long red flag on the pole at the end of the pavement. The Air Curtain Range is the red metal building on the left, just beyond the end of the paved road. There are parking spaces in front of the building with headbolt heaters.  Entrance is on the east end of the building.

The Air Curtain Range has 14 firing positions inside the building. Each firing position is equipped with a dutch door, and a heater above the door that blows warm air across the opening, to keep the heated building warm.  On winter days the building is 68 degrees with all doors closed, and about +50 deg with the doors open.