The Cowboy Way


John Wayne is revered in SASS as the “Cowboy’s cowboy.” His movie characters represented some of the best traits of the Old West. He was quoted as saying “Every man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter what his job.”  In our job as cowboys of GHSS and SASS, we like to refer to the Code of the West™ developed by the Center for Cowboy Ethics®.

  1.                                    Live each day with courage

  2.                                    Take pride in your work

  3.                                   Always finish what you start

  4.                                   Do what has to be done

  5.                                    Be tough, but fair

  6.                                    When you make a promise, keep it

  7.                                    Ride for the Brand

  8.                                    Talk less, but say more

  9.                                    Remember that some things aren’t for sale

  10.                                   Know where to draw the line

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