Alaska State Championship Results:

Congratulations to Yukon Deb and Flaco Joe, our Alaska State SASS Champions.

Overall Womens – Nellie Belle

Overall Mens – Flaco Joe

Winners by Category:

Silver Senior Duelist:  Doc  Red Dog

Young Gun: Bemidji Slim

Grand Dames: Yukon Deb

Elder Statesman: D H Hauler

Ladies Senior: Nellie Belle

Senior: Fuzzy Jack

Silver Senior: Mudflat Mike

Classic Cowboy: Diamond Mac

Ladies Gunfighter: Runamuck Kate

Gunfighter: Madd Mike

Duelist: Marshal Stone

Ladies 49’r: Lead Spitting Rusty

49’r: Klondike Sam

Wrangler: Flaco Joe

Cowboy: Nicked M Good

Cowgirl: Chantelly Lace

Ladies Wrangler: Mama J. Bear

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants,  a great time was had by all.

Complete results are posted under the Match Scores Tab.