Please check out the TVSA calendar at tvsa.us – then click on Range Calendar for the monthly shooting schedule.

Its also time to fill out the membership application again. Dues are due in January. If you are a life member, please complete the  form and either mail it as soon as you are able to or bring it to the next general membership meeting. . For those that are annual members, please complete the form and either bring it to the next general membership meeting with payment or mail it to the address on the form

Executive Board:

Trail Boss, aka President – Dover Knutts
Ram Rod, aka Vice President – Wind Drifter
Telegrapher aka Secretary– Riverboat Bud
Banker – Sally Alaska
Top Hand aka Membership Secretary – Pokin A. Long
Range Master, aka Range Boss – Diamond Mac
Territorial Governor – Lead Monger
Judge, aka Sergeant at Arms – Big

The Board of Directors for the Club are:
Brass Pounder
Pedro De Borealis
Alaskan Lady Lou

The monthly general membership meeting is now being held at Denny’s on Airport Way, the last Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m..