The Alaska State Championship Match is now in the books.

Congratulations to State Champions:

Women’s over all – Lanky Jane  – home club – Alaska 49er’s

Men’s overall –       Marshal Stone – home club – Alaska 49’ers

Overall Winners: 

Women’s Overall – Shamrock Sadie – South Carolina’

Men’s Overall –       Milo Sierra – Connecticut 

 Clean Match recipients: 

Diamond Mac – Golden Heart Shootist Society 

Milo Sierra – Connecticut

Congratulations to first place winners:

Wrangler – Flaco Joe                                Silver Senior Duelist – Marshal Stone               Senior – No Limit

Silver Senior – Light Rider                      Ladies Wrangler – Hey Moe                                 Ladies Gunfighter – Shamrock Sadie

Ladies Senior – Pokin A. Long                Ladies 49er – Lead Spittin Rusty                         Grand Dame – Yukon Deb

Frontiersman – Lead Monger                 Elder Statesman – Knot Hardly Dunn                 Duelist – Drover Knutts

Classic Cowboy – Diamond Mac             Cattle Barton – DH Hauler                                    Ladies B. Western – Double Tap

49er – Milo Sierra


A good time was had by all. Special thank you to Match Director, Sweet Caroline, for putting one heck of a show.


The Championship match results are available under “Match Results”.





 The monthly general membership meeting is now being held at the Hometown Restaurant on South Cushman Street, the last Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m.   Hope to see you there.